Our Mission

Safety and security affects everyone and should be the highest priority.

K17 Security is passionate about keeping people safe from harm. This is an ever-evolving challenge that requires lessons from the past coupled with the most current techniques. The security sector is overrun with companies focused solely on profit and meeting the demands for low bid security solutions.  In our experience it seems like the same approach that was used 10 years ago is still being used by many security companies today.

We are proud to lead the industry in cutting edge knowledge and techniques. Information sharing, technology and strategies have evolved and we are determined to stay current. Our focus has been and always will be to provide the most helpful and effective security solutions to our clients. We plan to lead the security sector into a future where crime, terrorism and the threat of an active shooter is far less likely than the threat they currently pose today.

What truly sets our team apart, is we really do care. We care about our clients. We care about keeping people safe. We care about our reputations.

Honesty and integrity guide everything we do.
Clients with Whom We've Worked