K17 Security has the ability to provide Metal Detectors at your special event. We can provide walk through metal detectors and hand wand metal detectors. These tools are used most effectively when working in conjunction together, however they can also be used independently, depending on the exact needs and budgetary constraints of the program.

The use of metal detectors at events has steadily increased as security threats continue to evolve. Walk through metal detectors offer high performance detection capabilities without hindering the entrance flow of guests to an event.

When guests and vendors see a metal detector at the entrance of an event, they know that the organizers value their security and treat safety as a top priority. By using metal detectors at your program, you can show your attendees that they can trust your team to take every action possible to provide a safe and enjoyable experience. With K17 Security Metal Detectors your guests are free from thinking of security concerns and are instead able to focus on the meaning of the event and why they are there.


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