Private Investigations

Background Investigations – Our police investigators will conduct a thorough background check using the various tricks-of-the-trade they have acquired during their detective careers.

Custody Disputes – Do you need proof you are the best person to care for your child? Let us help provide you with the valuable evidence you need. Our investigators are trained to conduct discreet surveillance and have the ability to take video or photographic evidence.

Locating People – Ever wonder what happened to your old college roommate or where your former colleagues are now? Whether for business or personal reasons, K17 Security’s investigators have the ability to locate people you have lost contact with.

Pre-Employment – Take the time to determine who you are really hiring. With current technical advances and the numerous social networking sites employers can now get a full picture of their potential new hire.

  • Driving Record
  • Fingerprints
  • Personal Interview
  • Prior Employment follow-ups
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