K17 Security's Active Shooter Response Training

Our training focuses around providing people with the tools they need to survive these deadly encounters. One of the most important tools is the appropriate mindset.

#RunHideFight is a great starting point, but we take it to the next level by showing people how they can implement this advice to increase the likelihood they will survive when faced with a situation where someone is trying to kill as many people as possible. We inform and empower people so they are ready to help themselves and do not freeze and standby for someone else to protect them.

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K17 Security in the News

Welcome to K17 Security

K17 Security provides highly specialized security and personal protection services, risk management and security consulting in Maryland and the greater Washington DC area.

Our commitment is to provide a superior level of security services to our clients. We are dedicated to client satisfaction and pride ourselves on providing a higher level of professionalism than what is commonly found in the security industry.

Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland K17 security is an independently owned and operated small business, with local knowledge, expertise and resources.

K17 Security provides Security Services in Montgomery County, Rockville, Bethesda, Washington DC and Frederick County.