Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

Security Assessment

K17 Security conducts security assessments in a relevant and practical manner. It does little good for a client to simply hear that they are lacking in the appropriate level of security measures and then list out all the deficiencies. Our team uses our strong background in law enforcement and how crimes are actually committed in the Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia region.

We start with the basics of cameras, lighting and access control and then dig deeper

Our security survey will assess the overall site security for the property. We have provided similar assistance to other properties that share many commonalities such as age, size, layout, number of units, etc. Our team is trained in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). CPTED relies on an awareness of how people use space for legitimate and illegitimate purposes. The approach uses design to discourage those who may be contemplating criminal acts, and to encourage activity and witness by legitimate users. The focus of CPTED is on creating defensible space by employing: natural access controls, natural surveillance, territorial reinforcement and target hardening.

The CPTED approach is one of the many guidelines we use when conducting a security survey. Some of the items we will assess include:

Our focus and suggestions will provide you with guidance on how you can best protect your people and property.

Penetration Testing / Red Team

Learn Your Weaknesses Before They Are Compromised. This is the next level after a security survey.  We do not assault (verbal or physical). We do not damage property. We do not steal (we may acquire something during the test and then return). We use proven techniques and strategies to defeat current security measures. We use the adversaries most likely approaches.


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