I was a sworn law enforcement officer with the Montgomery County Department of Police for over 20 years.  I retired from MCPD in January 2024.   My dual roles in the public and private sector has provided me and K17 Security a unique advantage when providing security services.  Our clients directly benefit from this advantage.  As a security consultant, corporations rely on me to evaluate and train the security guard force they employ.  I work with them to train the guards, create or revise post orders and run tests for competency. 

As a business owner, I have surrounded myself with a team that my clients and I can trust and rely on.  I have numerous CEO’s that I meet with monthly to share ideas, resources and discuss business trends.  This group and mentors within my network are an invaluable resource.  We have put systems in place to ensure that we can provide the highest level of security to all our clients.

My approach has always been to let actions speak louder than words. In policing and security I have sought out the very best training available.  I have worked through my network to frequently organize specialized training with military special operations and SWAT teams.  I am a lifelong learner and I pass that passion through to our security team.  My dedication to ensuring I never become complacent and am always on the cutting edge of relevant technology, trends and risks allows all our security personnel to be more strategic in our approach.   It also combats the complacency which plagues the security industry.  I continuously share this knowledge with our team and ensure that we are prepared and ready for the most relevant risks.  I have been identified as a subject matter expert during multiple court cases and I am recognized for my knowledge in threat assessment, security management and unique ways to reduce risk of violence. My qualification include:

    • Certified Active Shooter Response Instructor
    • Certified Protection Professional (CPP) – ASIS
    • Active member with ASIS and Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP)
    • Certified Crime Prevention Specialist  (ACPI)
    • Attended over 3000 hours of ongoing training in career.  This ensures that knowledge remains current as threats and tactics evolve.
    • Numerous awards from police department to include: Police officer of the quarter, Citation for Bravery, Award for Valor, Chief’s Award, Meritorious Service Award.


Why “K17”?

The number ’17’ has consistently symbolized good fortune throughout my personal and professional journey. When strategizing to distinguish ourselves within the market and establish a distinct identity for our business, our team engaged in an extensive brainstorming session. We sought concepts that resonated deeply with us and encapsulated our unwavering commitment to excellence in business operations. After careful consideration, we elected to pair the letter ‘K’, a randomly selected letter with the number ’17’ to craft a distinctive brand identity. This choice was deliberate, aiming to convey our uniqueness and signal our departure from conventional industry norms. We aspired for our chosen name to serve as a bold declaration of our distinctiveness in an increasingly competitive landscape.