Executive Protection

Dignitary & Executive Protection

Our cadre prides itself on having developed a professional reputation of protecting clients without drawing unwanted attention.  Executive protection today has grown away from the tough-looking type in a dark suite with an earpiece who prefers force.  We endorse softer skills and focus on blending in.  K17 Security experts know how to cover a client in every situation and location.  We also provide armed drivers for clients who prefer to be partially covered while conducting short business trips.  

We provide trained and experienced specialists who are primarily taken from law enforcement, and are legally allowed to carry a concealed firearm in any state.  We provide security services with discretion, professionalism, and sound judgment. Our knowledge, ongoing training, and expertise allow us to take a common sense approach to our clients’ needs while following best practices in the security world.

We strive to select the best person for each assignment. Our specialists are trained to think through all situations carefully and quickly, and will make the best possible decision under pressure. Our primary goal is the safety of our clients and their families while allowing them the freedom to conduct their day to day activities.


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