Business Continuity & Contingency Planning

Review of Guidelines, Response Options & SOP’s

Cutting corners and the use of generic templates can lead to disastrous outcomes during a critical incident. Your location and people are unique and require unique plans and guidelines. Our focus when preparing and reviewing these documents is to ensure they follow best practices, industry guidelines, and fall in line with the way local first responders will respond.

Security SOP’s and post orders should make sense for the capabilities of the security personnel and the environment. All documents should be simple, relevant and easy to follow. If not, they may be ignored.

You need site-specific, compliant plans that you train, drill and exercise to respond to foreseeable risks that threaten your people every day. You need plans that you can share with emergency services. You need plans that works when lives are at risk.

Incident Response Plan (IRP) Creation or Review

This may be called an Emergency Action Plan (EAP), Incident Response Plan or a similar name.

One of the most important factors during an emergency is the way onsite, staff and visitors handle the initial response. A relevant and up to date IRP carefully created or updated by our subject matter experts will significantly reduce the probability of injuries and maximize control in any situation. A single evacuation plan for a fire should not be used for all emergencies. A fire, bomb threat or hostile intruder incident all require different responses. K17 Security offers a very unique and comprehensive service to work with your organization closely to customize these plans. Plans will be designed to merge seamlessly with local emergency response services.

Ensure it follows best practices and industry standards. You cannot expect your team to function well during an incident without a playbook.

It is a legal requirement. Can be a great tool for mitigating risk, but may also be a source of additional risk if not done right.

Return On Your Investment (ROI)

Most importantly, the knowledge that you have taken effective steps to really do something to keep your people safe. Selecting a consulting partner that will work closely with you to meet your goals.


Workplace Safety is one of the top desires of employees.


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