Fire Watch

Fire Safety

In compliance with National Fire Protection Association regulations, buildings equipped with fire alarm or fire protection systems, like sprinkler systems, may necessitate the implementation of a fire watch should these systems become impaired or non-operational.

As part of our comprehensive security services, we offer specialized assistance to property managers and building engineers in fulfilling this requirement. Our security officers are trained to step into the role of fire watch personnel, ensuring that your building remains safe and compliant in the event of system impairment.

Our officers diligently monitor the premises, conducting regular patrols and inspections to promptly detect and address any signs of fire or other hazards. By assuming responsibility for the fire watch, we alleviate the burden on property managers and building engineers, sparing them from the stress and extended hours often associated with this essential task.

With our experienced and dedicated team on duty, you can rest assured that your building’s safety and compliance needs are in capable hands, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of property management.


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