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About K17 Security

K17 Security was established in 2007 and is owned and operated by current sworn police officers. The owners and high level managers are all Penn State Alumni. We are headquartered in Rockville, Maryland which is in close proximity to Washington D.C. and the various law enforcement agencies from which we recruit.

K17 Security’s strongest asset is the professional team of individuals who provide our services. Our ability to attract and hire only the best in the field with the rights skills, experiences and mindset has been essential to our success and growth. Our team consists of security and law enforcement professionals that consistently strive to be the best.

In order to combat complacency which runs amuck in the security industry, our team is constantly attending training events and seminars while seeking to better educate themselves. The security field is constantly evolving and K17 Security will not settle for the use of old outdated ideas and techniques.

How We Take Action

We identify the most relevant and immediate threats facing our clients. Then guide our clients through managing these risks. This requires our team to possess a unique background and skills which we supplement with continuing training and education. We focus on the safety and security of your people, your property, your visitors and patrons and your reputation.


K17 Security is a thriving security firm with a hard-earned reputation for high quality service. Our work ethic, loyalty and dedication to excellence sets K17 Security apart. We pride ourselves on having outstanding customer service, with a commitment to exceed the expectations of our clients. Additionally, the K17 Security owner and direct managers are accessible to our clients 24/7. No matter the need, we will do our best to accommodate. We have a vested interest in the success and safety of our clients and endeavor to provide the personal touch.

Our team is current and relevant on best practices within the security industry. We follow the ASIS and ATAP standards and guidelines and regularly attend conferences to meet and train with the appropriate subject matter experts.

Our training and consulting services are focused on the relevant threats and concerns in the greater Washington D.C. region.

Locally Based & Community Oriented

K17 Security is a local, independently-owned and operated small business with local ties, knowledge and expertise. We invest back into our community. We use local vendors, we employ local security professionals and veterans and keep our profits close to home instead of shipping them to an out-of-town headquarters.


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