Off Duty Police Security

Off-Duty Officers

Off-duty police officers focused on your community function as the ultimate criminal deterrent. Individuals’ involved in criminal activity will often choose another location when they realize you have chosen law enforcement officers to provide security. K17 Security employs currently sworn police officers with up to date certifications and training. By hiring the best officers, we are able to avoid many of the problems faced by other security companies.

K17 Security’s police guards have:

  • At least one (1) year of active law enforcement experience
  • Attended annual legal and liability training to stay current on all changes in the law
  • Police power to immediately detain and arrest lawbreakers
  • The ability to wear a uniform identifying them as law enforcement
  • Park a marked police vehicle on the property
  • First aid, CPR and AED training and certifications
  • Immediate access to on-duty police resources via portable radio if assistance is needed. Several vital minutes can be saved by contacting on-duty units directly and bypassing the standard 911 dispatch process.

Should a problem arise at any time, it is reassuring to know that experienced law enforcement personnel are on hand to deal with the situation promptly and professionally. Our sworn officers are composed and professional while dealing with anything from simple embarrassing incidents to potentially dangerous situations.

K17 Security employs only the highest quality officers and follows a rigorous selection process.


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