Equipped for the Unthinkable

While the threat of active shooters is a growing reality of the workplace, tools and resources are emerging to help employers better prepare for the worst.

The one-day training session may have already paid off at Aronson, a Rockville, Md.-based assurance, tax and consulting services provider.

In January 2016, the company hosted two active-shooter-training sessions for a total of approximately 240 employees at its headquarters. K17 Security, a Rockville-based security and personal protection services, risk management and security consulting firm, conducted the training, sharing information learned from past incidents and case studies.

K17, which is owned and operated by current sworn police officers, also provided techniques to use when running from a workplace shooter, determined the most ideal on-site locations in which to hide as well as techniques to place time delays and cover between employees and would-be killers, and various response tactics to employ when running or hiding is not an option. Workers received the aforementioned tips in the first of two key drills, with the second creating a “live” scenario involving an active shooter and allowing employees to demonstrate how they could apply these new techniques when necessary.

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